Over 200 P. Buckley Moss items, Framed & signed Pictures, Sketches, Collector Plates, Society Pins, Cook Books, Figurines, Christmas ornaments
Several Railroad pocket watches, Furniture, Small kitchen Appliances
Corning ware, Pyrex, Anchor Hocking, Vintage kitchen gadgets, cookie cutters, cookbooks, toys, Handcrafted doilies, quilts, furniture scarves, aprons, place mats, Christmas items, Vintage glassware, Collectibles, Clover Creamery items, Coke Cola, Bottles of all kind, Ladies gloves, purses, Lamps
Copper apple butter kettle….

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  1. This summer, I worked with Bill to clean out my mom’s house where she had lived since 1964. Needless to say, there was a lot of stuff to sort through. Bill helped so much by describing the trends in what people are buying these days and what doesn’t move easily. After I moved out everything that I wanted, Bill came in and handily took care of the rest of everything!! He even moved some things so that a new basement floor could be put down. Once everything was out, Bill left the house clean and ready for the new people to move in. Bill is easy to work with – just let him know what you need! If I ever had to tackle a job like this again, Bill would be the first person I called. He’s awesome.


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